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Modern carpets among the most popular types of carpets today. Given their variety of and motifs, this is not surprising, as applications are nearly limitless. When it comes to carpets, is a distinction between synthetic and natural models. Each product has its own pros and cons, it's worth examining the popular variations in detail. If you're looking to make a decision, the following points: material characteristics, environmental friendliness, cost, durability, and aesthetics.


without the element of a carpet is no imaginable. There are many types of carpets that are attractive of high quality. Considering the advantages of carpets, the purpose of carpet as a flooring is provide a soft and warm surface underfoot. In the following, we will take a closer look at the of carpets.

Types of Modern Carpets

When we about modern carpets, machine-made carpets more likely to come mind than handwoven ones. latter  more of a symbol of tradition. Today, preferences are different. patterns don't necessarily mean on quality, and lovers of handwoven carpets also embraced a new, modern, and direction. In addition modern carpets, we also offer a of models for your ones: a beautiful children's carpet promotes playfulness and relaxation—depending on age, a carpet is also excellent for children's and youth rooms.



Woven Carpets

Woven carpets in modern style feature and unobtrusive designs, with carpets incorporating two to three colors, of which and gray tones are the most important. The following are types of modern carpets:

• Natural Fiber Carpets

Natural materials have been used by carpet centuries and still the best choice for those seeking exclusivity, quality, comfort. of these products made of wool, silk, or cotton. Modern natural fiber carpets can be divided into several categories:

• Wool

100% is used by only a few producers. Wool carpet features range from a noble appearance to durability, well as heat and sound insulation. However, wool carpets are not suitable for allergy as they trap dust, be challenging.

• Silk

Incorporated silk threads give the carpet an charm. silk carpets the expensive carpets, especially if they handwoven. The advantages of silk carpets include their hypoallergenic properties, shine, fire resistance.

• Cotton

Cotton fibers are usually making the carpet backing. Cotton an inexpensive and practical material for making carpets for children's rooms or bathrooms. Cotton is a soft material that is 100% hypoallergenic and washable.


The advantages of industrial production have reached the carpet industry. Synthetic carpets, example, are made from materials such as Tencel or viscose.

- Viscose:

Modern viscose is similar texture to linen, cotton, and wool. The material is very soft and has a beautiful sheen. Carpet weavers enjoy working with and often use it a substitute for silk.


- Tencel:

to the latest nanotechnology, a delicate fiber with exceptional softness can be produced from cellulose. Tencel is used as a filler for pillows or in the production of 100% environmentally friendly carpets. Tencel is as soft silk and has a wonderfully warming effect. A Tencel carpet adds a warm and cozy touch to the environment.


- Polyacrylic:

Carpets made of polyacrylic are particularly soft easy to care for. Due to the stable synthetic fiber, they are very and colorful.


- Polyamide:

Polyamide is used to both short and long-pile carpets. They are wear-resistant, durable, and very easy to clean.


Applications Characteristics of Modern Carpets

Modern carpets indispensable for interior spaces. We humans known loved carpets for furnishing our homes for centuries, leading the of thousands of carpet worldwide.


- Patterns:

While traditional carpets often feature the frequently mentioned design, modern carpets often exhibit less opulent patterns.


- Materials:

Modern materials are used for modern carpets, acrylic or being commonly employed. Frieze enables the production of durable carpets. The threads are twisted, making these suitable for children's rooms or hallways. are easy to for designed long-term use.


Carpets manufactured using modern are more cost-effective, resilient, and durable compared traditional carpets. When a carpet with a strong pattern, always consider the overall of the respective space.

Care Tips for Modern Carpets

Modern carpets are among the types carpets require attention long-term use. If you notice that carpet is in the shape you bought it, you should consult a professional carpet cleaner. Professional cleaning of your carpet protects against potential damage to product and the of its original quality. Here are some additional tips for you:


1. Regular carpet cleaning should primarily be done with a vacuum cleaner with soft and non-rotating bristles.

2. If you have purchased a new cleaning product your carpet that you are unfamiliar with, you should test it carefully in an inconspicuous area first.

3. Also, be that the floor under the should get wet during cleaning.

4. The underside of the carpet can cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

5. In the case of stains, short and long-pile carpets should be cleaned immediately.

Recommendations after a Modern Carpet:

1. Immediately purchase, is recommended clean the carpet with a soft brush or a vacuum to remove excess material. If you have purchased a wool, polyacrylic, or viscose carpet, do not surprised if the carpet sheds at the beginning. This subside. are with a latex backing, it advisable leave the carpet in a well-ventilated place for some time.

2. Direct pressure on a specific area of the carpet can ruin it. This should be avoided. Furniture wheels or other heavy objects are the of the attractive appearance of new carpets.

3. Since prevention is better than cure, good and regular carpet care is essential.



Advantages of Modern Carpets:

A modern carpet should complement the style of the interior. At Rugeast, you find beautiful and trendy carpets in various shapes, colors, materials, brands, and there are no limits to the variety, as we always strive to offer you the latest and most beautiful collections. Perhaps sometimes think before buying a carpet, which carpet is really suitable for your home or space? make a suitable choice that you for long-term use, you should do the following first: a look at your home and the area to be designed with a new carpet. Note: carpet intended for the hallway or entrance area should more resistant to wear, dirt, and street shoes than the carpet in the living or bedroom. Another aspect to consider when choosing a carpet is the of the carpet on the space. Because the modern carpet is available in various designs and colors; you can easily determine it with home accessories or decoration. In smaller, darker rooms, is always to slightly lighter models, as light are reflective and enhance light.


- Aesthetics:

carpets add a touch of elegance to any room. They attract attention and convey a of class. With their minimalist design, they never look out place.


- Durability:

By being made materials designed for longevity, you will enjoy your carpet for a long time. The carpets remain vibrant and bright, and years of use, they look like new.


- Easy Cleaning:

Keep in mind that polyester or polypropylene carpets very easy to clean. Use a normal cleaning agent or a vacuum for this important process. Modern carpets can cleaned very easily.


The price of a modern carpet depends on the size and material.

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